Sea of ​​comfort

No boxing margins, no tangs to the ass. The sea of ​​comfort in the lower parts is very relaxing and refreshing. So far, I’m not such a naturalist for me to go to winter even in winter, but in the hot days I have been having trouble for two years now.

Why did I start with it? At night I only sleep in my pajamas or in my shirt. I do not understand women or men who go to sleep in their underwear. Let your genitals breathe, at least at night! Two years ago I decided to bring this light feeling into everyday life.

It is not possible in winter

I like the warmth, and when I tried to get out on top of the winter, the feeling of lightness suddenly vanished and it was immense cold. Even though I was wrapped and wrapped, I felt frozen. It is true that the jeans are not so much warmer, and the panties in this respect are more insulated. For men, it’s probably similar.
Warm spring and summer days are ideal

Once the time comes when you are warm in the shirt and shorts, then it is high time to leave your panties and bra or shirts at home. In the really summer days, I do not see any problem with men – just watch the guys not to see you. Or you do not have to. That’s just a spell. I would recommend to women to avoid miniskirts if you really do not want to tease the guys around you.
You should feel comfortable, in that it’s a spell. Leave your underwear several times at home. If you do not like it for the fifth attempt, then do not make it into it.

The need to maintain hygiene

There are women and girls who go on top of the menstrual period. I would not do that, I confess, she did not go. Occasionally I have a pretty decent float and I feel weird. There is probably no worse trap than bleeding in the middle of a shopping mall. Some women suffer from smaller spills – if you belong to this group, you should consider not only other people but also yourself.
Some girls in the dress are having trouble getting nasty – they get a lot of dust on the vagina, get dust, etc. If one inflammation results in one, then quit again. In MHD, try to sit over your dress to protect the vagina – generally, it’s better to sit over a piece of cloth or not sit at all.
Only locate the appropriate places

For example, I could not go to work as it would restrict me. I do not mind if I see a man who does not know me. But if I could do it at work, I should have it on the plate for several more years. I also avoid mass transit. Naostro walks around the city, shopping, various social events and parties and, of course, a beach holiday. Whatever he wants to say, walking up is sexy. My partner notices me much more knowing he has no panties under his skirt. And do not think so, believe me.

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