Unsuspecting games in bathroom

Do not you still love your love in the same script and in the same place? Bed, bed and bed. Does it want a change? Try your dear half to direct yourself to the bathroom and experience really stylish sex there.

In the bathroom, you can experience many unsuspecting sexual games and give your imagination a bridle. You can enjoy bathing sex at any time of the year, and it is not surprising that the wet bodies will make your loved one too. So what’s the real hit for sex in the bathroom?

Water games

Classically, there is a common showering and a common washing with soap, fragrant oil or a soft washcloth. Everything is pleasant for you and your partner. Enjoy sex both in the shower and in the bath. If you decide to bathtub, you can romantically light the candles on the edge of it, add fragrant foam and relax together before. If you want to enjoy more games, you can use some of the waterproof erotic toys. Try a vibrating floating duck, for example, or other tweaks. You can also pepper with shaving foam and razor blades. Take care of your partner’s intimate party and, in return, can shave your pride. In bathroom games, you should only watch out for slipping …

Enjoy it anywhere in the bathroom

If you want to fuck your sex but you are not wet sex, then there is nothing easier than enjoying a common wash or relaxation and then move to “dry” and you do not even have to leave the bathroom. Try to sit down on the closed lid lid and sit on your wife. Or let her rest with her hands on the sink or the edge of the bathtub, and you’ll be intrigued from behind. If you are a physically fit person, you can also try sex while standing up against a wall. The real cherry is the sex on the washing machine that you turn on to spin. Make sure that sex in the bathroom, as well as in the bathtub is not boring!

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