Sexual marathon as a gift

magine that you are in a situation where you do not remember the last time you ever had sex. It was not yesterday, it was not last week or last month. Was it this year? And how would you deal with this? Changing your partner? According to the 2004 American Sexual Behavior survey, the average husband has sexual intercourse 66 times a year, and it should be noted that even the most teenage marriage is most likely to be the result of such a bad result.

Do you want it ? You deserve it…

When Doug Brown had his 40th birthday, his wife gave him something he had not had for a long time. She wanted to give him a gift that would be original and not too expensive. She gave him the promise that the next 101 days would make him feel sorry for him every day. The by-product of these delights was not a descendant, as one might expect, but a book. Bestseller Just do it describes how it looks like when you go into a sexual marathon forty years and comes up with generic proposals to prevent this stereotype: a hotel room, a yacht (allegedly “receiving a gift” despite a sea illness. brrr!) and did not miss the popular toilets on the plane …

Yes, tonight, love

Accidentally, in the same year (2006) Charla Miller decided to rescue marriage in a similar way. Actually, even more brutal. She has decided for 365 days and 365 Nights, respectively, for her book’s name change. And what did the two couples agree on?

No more, please

Just Like It, 365 Nights has become a favorite book for many American couples. The actors of both books are the middle-class heroes, and everybody seems to want to have as much passion as they do in their relationship. But they feel like scapegoats. After completing the set goal, they said they had a deep breath, and they had been avoiding the common bed for a couple of weeks … Where is the power …

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